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Miranda Kerr on Work/Life Balance, Career & Motherhood

We know her as an international model, and if you follow her on Instagram, you know she’s a hands-on mom, has a new hubby, and heads a growing skincare venture called Kora Organics. But who knew Miranda Kerr was a [certified] health coach?

So how does she keep it all together? Check out her MyDomaine interview to learn some of her lifestyle habits.

My Key Takeaways

  • Find what works for you.
  • Put EVERYTHING on the calendar.
  • Take care of yourself first.
  • Use the 80/20 rule (which, BTW, you can apply to almost anything, including your diet).

Finding what works for you

This is a theme that shows up a lot on our pages because at the heart of change and becoming who you are, is being able to customize a process or plan to help YOU get there. Trying to follow a prescription that some expert used doesn’t usually work. A big part of the process of change is devising, refining and creating strategies to help yourself succeed.

Put everything on the calendar

I have to agree with this one because if I don’t write it down, I will forget. One of the keys to productivity is being organized and I find that not just writing everything down but keeping one calendar helps. By putting it on the calendar, that dings pops up to remind you and with your whole life in one place, you live holistically. Because it’s all interrelated.

Take care of yourself first

This is great model advice, but it’s also great success advice. Our sleep, emotions, exercise, and wellbeing must be nurtured and prioritized if we’re to have the energy to get all this stuff done. We make the mistake of thinking we don’t have time when really, it’s taking care of ourselves first that gives us the energy to go the extra mile. To quote Miranda…

When you take care of yourself first, you can give so much more as a mother… you can give so much more to your work.

Use the 80/20 rule

I’m not an expert on this rule so let me refer you to someone who is: Richard Koch wrote the book, The 80/20 Rule—The Secret to Achieving More With Less and it’s a good resource for more insights into using the rule. Basically, though, it’s a way of living that helps you focus on the few things/activities that produce the best outcomes for you.

Who knew Miranda Kerr was such a productivity expert? Well, if you think about it, anyone who has that much going on needs to be.