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Why Taking Care of Your Emotions is the Best Resolution to Make

Why Taking Care of Your Emotions is the Best Resolution to Make

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I don’t know that you can argue any particular resolution is the best, but I’m going to try. I will try to convince you that taking care of your emotions is the best resolution you can make. Every day, you (and the average person) are making decisions based on how you feel. We use phrases like I’m just not feeling yoga this morning, Christmas this year, chicken tonight. And if you’re not feeling it… you ain’t gonna do it. So here we are in winter — when nature and non-human mammals hibernate — and you’re going to task yourself with a resolution to lose weight or eat better.

If you knew you like I know people, you’d know that it’s highly unlikely that you’re feeling up to a diet. Those times when I just focused on my emotional health through diet, exercise, and positive habits, I don’t really worry about being productive and focused. I just got on with with whatever I needed to do. That’s because our emotions drive everything we do.

What your hibernating and seasonally less productive nature is better suited for in January is preparing to diet. Finding more sensible ideas to eat nutritiously… and to create a plan to gradually catch up with the Avocado crowd.

The last thing you’re emotionally prepared for is to be on a diet!

The nature of emotions

I know all this because I have emotions too and I study human behavior for my work. With free will, it’s hard to get us, humans, to do anything we don’t have to when we don’t want to. So you’re behaving normally in all these situations.

Emotions drive our actions on almost everything.

That’s why taking care of your emotions is the best resolution you can make. And it’s why you may want to shift gears right now and back off any resolution you’re just not feeling and instead, take care of your emotional life. In a few weeks or a couple of months, you can come back to your resolutions better prepared for most of them.

By being in a better place emotionally you would have taken care of the most crucial part of sticking to any new habit or goal — how you feel overall.

The emotional connection

Our emotions drive our decisions. When we feel good, we’re motivated and not so much when we’re not.

If you have things you want to accomplish, getting a minimum amount of feel-good vibrations should be worked into your life. Just like you plan when you go to sleep, when you eat and make sure you hang out with friends, you should block time for your emotional and mental well-being. More than any productivity hack or success tip, emotional stability will help you stay on track and reach more goals.

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Doing the work

To keep your spirits up, today I’m sharing 20 habits I recommend often. Use this list to start thinking about how you might design an emotional self-care plan that’s just right for you. Plan how you will do the work.

I suggest you start with the no-brainers like dressing well and getting enough sleep. Next, look at habits that might take a little more planning like networking. Spend an afternoon researching ways to make those happen. Finally, work on the harder stuff like getting organized.

If you take care of your mental and emotional health, there is virtually nothing you cannot accomplish, this or any year!



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