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Vurb’s 2020 Tidying Up Challenge

Vurb’s 2020 Tidying Up Challenge

Join us this year as we go a little deeper with our annual tidying up challenge. Before you even start cleaning and tidying up your home, we’re going to ask you to take a really hard look at how you’re living now vs. how you’d really like to live. How do you want to feel in your home? How would you like to use your home? We’ll explore these and other questions together. See below for more details and to join our brand spanking new Facebook community.

Benefits to tidying up

If for any reason you’re on the fence about doing the challenge with us, consider some of these benefits for a moment. You won’t just have a cleaner home, you will feel better, more confident, have more energy.


  • Clear your head when you remove the clutter.
  • Feel better about yourself (richer, even) because living with less is to live better.
  • Enjoy your home more because you know where things are.
  • Will be less stressed because you know where things are.
  • Enhance your quality of life because being organized improves your sense of well-being.
  • Are nicer to be around.
  • Set a better example for young people.

We’ll be using Dana White’s book, Decluttering at The Speed of Life as our guide. In the book, Dana identifies the mindsets and emotional challenges that make it difficult to declutter. Then, in her signature humorous approach, she provides workable solutions to break through these struggles and get the clutter out—for good, people!!


Join the 2020 Tidying Up Challenge

Call it Spring cleaning or whatever you like, but we’re hoping it’s an annual event you incorporate into your life.


First Up!

Week of May 18

Check the Vurb Facebook Community for details about the free Zoom workshop on April 6. Here’s what to expect from the workshop:

  • Write down how you want to feel in your home
  • Watch a few declutter videos on YouTube
  • Assess your space
  • Start taking an inventory of what you have

After the Zoom event, start shopping for the storage you’ll need.

Next Up!

Week of May 25

Check back a week before for a list of activities to do this week.


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