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The 5 Habits of A Successful Slacker (Because 6 Is Too Many)

The 5 Habits of A Successful Slacker (Because 6 Is Too Many)

If it’s one problem my family and friends have with me, it’s that I will often just disappear, not tell anyone where I’m headed, and (to make matters worse!) turn off my phone. Texts and voicemails can go unanswered for hours and days. Sometimes, I do it to get away and focus, but a lot of the time, it’s because I’m slacking off. Living here in California, one of the lifestyle changes this New Yorker really appreciates, is having a car. With a car, I’m so much more mobile, and I have more places to run away to. I used to look at my escapism behavior as me wasting time—and to be honest, there were times in my life when I lacked direction and was doing way too much of that—but I’ve recently been made to see the light. Thanks to K.P. Springfield’s book, after which I titled this post, I’m 100% embracing these 5 slacker habits of mine.


And why shouldn’t I? I’m good at them!



You’ve probably heard the phrase, dance like no one is watching. Well, let’s just say I really take this to heart. My habit of turning my living room into a dance club for one, is my absolute favorite slacker habit. I love to switch out the regular bulb in my living room lamp for a colored one, have a couple of glasses of wine, put on a 2-hour playlist, and just go. Unless the house is burning down, I will not interrupt this routine for anyone. It’s actually a great stress reliever, but that’s just a by-product. The truth is, I just love it! The joy I feel is like being on a magic mushroom high. It’s psychedelic, freeing, and the purest way to have fun that I personally know!

Shopping at Home Goods and Home Depot

What do I need at Home Goods today? To see what I need in home goods today!

Just like my sister likes to go to Zara to check out what’s new in fashion, I like to go to Home Goods to see what they have new in stock. Next thing I know, I’m in the store for 3 hours. For whatever reason, I always start in the rug section. Even though I never end up buying any rugs, the displays look promising, so I start there. The wall art, lamp and clearance sections are usually my next stops.

What do I usually end up buying? Bed linens, potholders, ovenware, mugs, and healthy foods like chia seeds, Olive Oils and gluten-free treats – a.k.a. my basics. This slacker habit feeds my never-ending need to beautify my home, and it’s one of my favorite escapes from the real world.

A Day at The Altadena Public Library

With its expansive view of the outside (floor to ceiling glass walls, y’all!), the living-room like layout of the periodicals section, and their wide-range of services, Altadena Library is more than a library.

They carry an impressive list of current DVDs, and will buy a book if enough people want to read it. They have a great media section where they will often offer courses like Video Editing. The area in the picture is where people are usually playing chess in the afternoons. They have a bright educational section for kids and even have a sewing machine. I go here to slack off and ignore the clock on the wall.

Netflix and Chill

Some of my work weeks are so mentally exhausting, that on the weekend, I can’t even shore up the energy to do laundry, go out to brunch or do my usual weekend running around. And if the weather is miserable, it’s even more reason to stay home and do nothing but Netflix & Chill.

My sectional become my bed, where I hang out for hours catching up on some of the series in my queue. On one of these binges last year, I discovered Nollywood movies. Since then, I’ve noticed how much better the acting and overall production values are getting. So good that recently, Netflix created their first original Nollywood series Queen Sono, which looks promising. I’m looking forward to my next binge, so I can watch Season 2 of Altered Carbon and a bunch of supernatural or sci-fi series I started, but never finished.

The Internet

In any debate about what is the greatest invention of all time, the internet is going to place high for me. It’s the perfect research tool. Whether I want to learn more about best sunsets, fall 2020 coats or even airfare to Mexico, I will instantly have thousands and sometimes millions of results to look through. And that takes time. I’m waiting for someone to invent a browser that automatically categorizes my search and the sites I visit with tags like lyrics (probably my #1  search topic), travel, wellness, WordPress. That would save me several hours a week.


If you’re a successful slacker, I’d love to know your favorite ways to waste time.

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