Stop letting 'life' get in the way of your goals

In The Awesome Program (coming 2020!), see how gamified personal development can transform your habits and your life. This community-based way of leveling up is up to 300% more effective than workshops, books, self-help and whatever you've been doing!


The program...

Uses a science-backed change approach.

Is convenient affordable and effective.

The first month is free.


Is there a difference between you and the people who slay their goals and have their act together?

Yes! And now, you can join the club!!!

If you're like most people, you haven't taken the time to develop certain life skills, routines and habits to handle your life like a boss. So, when life knocks you back, you struggle to stay on track with your wellness, personal development, entrepreneurship and other goals that you're working on. You might start a weight loss program or side hustle, for example, with a lot of hope and good intentions, but when tested emotionally, financially, or in other ways, you get distracted, overwhelmed and side-lined.

The Awesome Program will help you change that pattern. You will build the skills, habits, and routines to become someone who can crush goals like losing weight and getting ahead in your career. You will begin to run your life like a boss and finally get to levels where you know you belong!!!

How you become Awesome

In the program, you'll work level by level to build the type of habits and life skills that are GUARANTEED to make you more focused and on top of things! On each level, you'll have 15 "goals" to choose from. Choose the ones best suited to your needs and interest. Then, work as part of a community to complete the total number of points required to advance to the next level. 

A partial list of  "goals" you'll work on:

  • Sleep better: Our sleep lab will have you feeling more energetic and thinking faster on your feet!
  • Brain-focus: Use the biohackers' approach to food that ends brain-fog and 'dieting.'
  • Walk more: Take our recommended minimum # of steps per day to build focus and "Can-do!"
  • Meditate: Build inner energy and change how you perceive life's bullshit.
  • Dress well: Our experts will teach you how to turn this confidence booster into a regular habit.
  • Build real networks: This part of The Awesome game is not for wusses but do it, and EVERY area of your life will improve!
  • Learn an instrument: There's science to back this one up!
  • Believe in my damn self... even when no one else does.
  • Read more: (audiobooks count) This habit builds mental acuity, leadership skills + careers.
  • Learn to change: With our science-backed method, you'll learn how to succeed at any goal.
  • Get organized: It keeps the mind clear and your life in order.
  • Start something: Put it all together to work on a personal goal and permanently rewire your brain.

Meet the Team

We don't simply tell you what to do. We provide services like dance tutorials, a science-based framework, coaches, and a community to ensure that you work your new habits, and transform how you fundamentally operate so you can become your awesomest.

How much is it?

$39/month. Here's SOME of what you get for the price:


Virtual Classes

We'll meet on Zoom video conference several times a week for a class in meal prep and another in meditation, and every 2 weeks, we stream a new dance tutorial with incentive$ to practice.


Text Messages

We randomly text out reminders, expert tips, mini-challenges, and new ideas. Texts keep you more connected and their randomness only seem random. They're carefully thought out to keep you on toes and more engaged.



Challenges are guided coaching that can run from days to months, depending on the goal/habit you're working to develop. Compete with yourself and others in unique and fun ways to make habits stick.



You'll have free lifetime access to the Awesome Community to post updates, share your ups and downs, ask for advice and get ongoing support and encouragement from Christine and the team.

How do you know if it will work for you?

You don't. That's why your first month is on us. If you love the program and (very important) is doing the work, stick around for more awesomeness. Cancel any time!