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The Clear Skin, Healthy Body Detox Challenge

The Clear Skin, Healthy Body Detox Challenge

Who wants clear skin and a strong healthy physique?

We do!!

So with the help of nutritionist Lauren Talbot, we’re going on a one-week Clear Skin & Healthy Body detox to kick-start our summer beauty makeovers from the inside out.  Lauren will share beautifying secrets from her book, Clear Skin Detox and introduce us to the real-food diet plan that makes starvation diets seem pointless.

Pointless…and counterproductive…as she shares here:


Lauren is a fearless thought-leader when it comes to the topic of nutrition. She’s the author of Clear Skin Detox: A Revolutionary Diet to Heal Your Skin from the Inside Out.Her book outlines a nutritious way to eat for glowing skin. In her private practice, where she consults for companies and boutique hotels who want to bring a practical wellness program to their audience, Lauren sets clients up to achieve optimal wellness for life. So, not a short-term weight loss or skin fix.  You can get more information about Lauren on her website and when you join us in the next couple of weeks as she helps us make over our diets for glowing skin and healthy bods!


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Now through Wednesday, May 6, we’re going to be in prep mode. Visit our Facebook page (where the whole campaign is happening) to join Lauren as she shares the foods to eat (and other info) to make your detox a success.  You’ll learn things like why drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning is the best thing for digestive health and for clear skin.


During detox week, we’ll be sharing our journeys on Facebook. For a chance to win an Amazon Gift card, post photos of you participating in the Community Challenge.


Because Lauren’s diet is a lifestyle plan, during the third week we will share tips and nutritional information to help you make the lifestyle switch. If you didn’t have a chance to show off your photos yet, you will have another chance to share your progress.

We’ll select the last of our detox winners here. Will it be you?

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