Stop letting 'life' get in your way

Christine wrote the book on becoming your most productive self–one new habit at a time. And to make sure this isn't another book you read and forget about, we created a one-of-a-kind program for follow-through. 

In The Doer's Program, we don't just tell you to dress well, meditate, get organized and practice other productive lifestyle habits, we create opportunities for us, as a group, to do them... one step at a time. With text messages, Zoom classes and in other ways, we connect with you throughout the week so you never feel alone.

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We turn goals like these into actionable steps and guide you with a science-based approach until you're doing the habit. You feel guided and supported, have community and accountability, and so you do them.

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  • Dress well... it's a confidence booster and confidence leads to more productivity.
  • Build networks... social networks are huge drivers of long-term engagement.
  • Be emotional intelligent to understand yours and others "stuff" so you maintain objectivity.
  • Be organized... keeps the mind clear, spirits up and stress cortisol levels outta there.
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  • Sleep better... makes you feel more energetic, look better and think faster.
  • Nourish the brain; it's how biohackers put an end to food cravings and 'diets.'
  • Move daily... walking, dancing, etc. produce highly beneficial can-do hormones!
  • Meditate... it lets you breathe in the good shit and breathe out the bullshit.
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  • much as possible. Improves leadership skills, mental acuity, and careers.
  • Play an instrument... it boosts concentration and heightens achievement.
  • Do healthy routines... when hardwired into our brain, they change it (neuroplasticity).
  • Believe in your damn self... even when no one else does.
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The secret of your success is found in your daily routine. - John Maxwell

With some science, a little fun, a dash of competition and lots of support, watch yourself swap crappy habits and routines for healthier more beneficial ones and become a more productive version of yourself.

Do it for U ♥ Do it with others ♥ Get support every step of the way.


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Virtual Classes

We don't leave it all up to you to get your new habits done. Join us live on social media for weekly meal prep and meditation classes, and every 2 weeks for a new dance tutorial with incentives to practice.


Text Messages

Our texts brighten your day, give you quick in-the-moment challenges, expert tips and reminders. This approach is more personal than an email or an app and increases engagement.



Our challenges are designed to help you learn by doing. You'll form new healthy routines and develop beneficial habits that one by one, help you become more and more productive.




Facebook Group

With free lifetime access in the Doer's Community, you can post videos stories, ask peers for advice and get ongoing support and encouragement from Christine and our team.


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