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Have an Idle Weekend

Have an Idle Weekend

We all need those weekends when we put away the heels, lock the front door, and do some self-care; a weekend where we do nothing but be idle.

Giving ourselves time to catch up with our busy lives is actually a productivity tool. According to a growing body of multidisciplinary research, more sleep and time away from the office makes us sharper, better at problem-solving and getting more done in less time. And with that, we’re giving you permission to take a whole weekend off from your life.

Whether it’s your mind, body or spirit that needs recharging, we have inspirations to help you plan the perfect weekend getaway (at home).


The “Mental Health Break” Weekend

PRESCRIPTION: 2 days on a retreat at home

the mental break weekendWhat are the signs you need a mental health break? Short fuse, feeling scattered, and having too many people pulling you in different directions!

THE FIX: Give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing on your weekend “off.” That includes no housework or work-work, absolutely no social media, TV or heavy music. Sleep in on Saturday and Sunday morning. If you can swing it, cut out early on Friday. Better yet, take the day off! Mental health breaks aren’t for “sick” and depressed people. They’re for you to STAY healthy. They’re for everyone juggling responsibilities, like careers, starting businesses and trying to make any type of change.

First Evening (Friday or Thursday)

  • Beauty treat such as the Papaya Mask
  • Have a light healthy dinner (some ideas)
    • Roasted Brussels Sprouts
    • Shrimp or chicken stir fry
    • Squash soup topped with pecans
    • Green Tea with turmeric
  • 10-minute yoga stretch
  • Spend the evening in candlelight
  • Head to bed by 10pm

Second Day

  • Journal in the morning or read
  • Do you (whatever feels good, but no chores)
  • Have brunch (omelette etc., hold the mimosas)
  • Drink lots of water
  • Massage or self-massage
  • Head to your local museum
  • Lunch on fruit salad with basil
  • Have a coconut dessert
  • Yoga class
  • Check out some live music
  • Head to bed by 10pm.

Third Day

  • Repeat with variations on meal and activities.

The “Rekindle My Spirit” Weekend

PRESCRIPTION: Take 2 days to do only things that bring you joy!

The rekindle my spirit weekend boardWhen was the last time you had a good belly laugh? If you can’t remember or feel like you’ve lost your spark, the “rekindle my spirit” weekend is for you.

THE PLAN: This weekend, your only job is to find the joy in your life. Add creative activities to the menu like playing the guitar, taking a pottery class or decorating a room. Practice being mindful and if this is up your alley, write your thoughts down by putting pen to paper. It has a calming effect and uses more of your brain than typing.


  • Try things you haven’t done
  • More Melissa McCarthy and less GOT
  • Play childhood games like Monoply and hopscotch
  • Fun includes drinks/alcohol but say no to eating whatever
  • Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in ages
  • Offer to walk someone’s dog, if you don’t have your own
  • Write a list of all the things that bring you joy
  • Schedule 1x a week for the next four weeks
  • Eat and live like you’re on a staycation


See Also

The “Physical Therapy” Weekend

PRESCRIPTION: Take 2 days to eat clean and pamper your body–even housework is off limits!

The physical therapy weekendThe signs that you’re physically exhausted are all too clear: sore muscles, digestive problems including stomach bloating, and feeling tired and run down

THE PLAN: This is another weekend where extra sleep should be on the menu. Sleep is rejuvenating for both body and mind, so do make a point to get an extra couple of hours sleep each night as part of your idle weekend plans. Netflix marathons are a definite yes. A detox is not a bad idea and at least a light diet.



Prep for your weekend of idleness by stocking up on the things you plan to eat, do, read and see. Get groceries, book your massage, download the book(s) you want to read, and so on. Lounging around in cute loungewear should be part of those plans too. And if you can, leave work early that Friday.

Your only job is to take care of yourself during this reset weekend. Come Monday, you should feel more like yourself again.

Enjoy it!

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