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The Multipurpose Furniture You Need – The Bike Shelf

The Multipurpose Furniture You Need – The Bike Shelf

the bike shelf

Thanks to services like Blue Apron’s meal delivery and multipurpose furniture, hacking our lives has never been easier.

Earning Dwell’s “People’s Choice Award,” the Bike Shelf by Knife & Saw is one clever hack. It makes your 2-wheeler look so great indoors, you may wonder why you ever hesitated in making it part of the decor. As multipurpose furniture go, this one is nice to look at.  The wooden design merges function and style so well it could work in any room.  It will look great hanging in your kitchen and even better in the living room.

In the three or so years since it’s been around, the Bike Shelf has been featured on Houzz, in Dwell, The New York Times and several international publications.

Now, bike lovers living in small spaces can liberate kitchen corners and fire escapes to proudly store their two-wheelers wherever you would put a bookshelf.

Cost: $299 USD

Decorating around a bike rack

The Bike Shelf is easy to set up. Install into wall studs for maximum strength and chic-ability. The ideal place to store your bike is near your door to make cycling convenient. If that means the living room, do it!

A modern, mid-century modern or industrial decor for your room would work very nicely. Use low comfortable sofas, hardwood or tile flooring (no carpeting if you can help it), at least one piece of wood furniture. Accessorize with leather and vintage looking

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Work in natural light by avoiding heavy drapes or convoluted window treatments. The overall look should be simple and even minimalist.

A bike storage hack

If the Bike Shelf is too pricey for you, this hack is a great affordable alternative. A cube bookcase from Ikea, Wayfair, Target, Overstock or one you can buy used, would make a great stand and give you more space for books. Be sure to measure and mark the areas to be cut accurately. Smooth the cut areas with sandpaper to give your DIY project a polished finish.



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