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22 (sorta productive) things you can do while watching TV

22 (sorta productive) things you can do while watching TV

You just ended another stressful day at work. On your commute home, you’re thinking of just the thing (your usual routine) to cap off the day: a glass of vino and the remote. Yep, Netflix and chill.

But, wait! Do you want THAT to be your go-to routine?

Friendly Reminder:

We become what we do repeatedly.

If you were to add them up, what percentage of your workdays end just like that—with you on a date with Netflix? Be honest with yourself and if it’s more than once a week, there may be a better way to de-stress and entertain yourself that doesn’t risk you becoming a complete sloth when you get home.

Small chores, healthy habits, loving gestures and beauty up-keeps that would make your life better and take little time to do, can get pushed to the side when watching TV is your only way to escape.

Instead of giving yourself over completely to the box, you could do some of those things and be (sorta) productive more of the time. Pairing TV-time with tasks you have to do anyway, will keep your hands busy so you snack less and will keep your life on track at the same time.

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So, here we go… 22 sorta productive things you can do while watching TV:

  1. Give your significant other a back or foot rub.
  2. On another night, let him/her return the favor.
  3. Stretch, do lunges, or do relaxing yoga poses.
  4. Mute the TV during commercial breaks and fit in a total of 8-10 minutes of deep breathing exercises.
  5. Touch-up nail polish, moisturize cuticles and hands.
  6. Pluck stray brow hairs and do other tweezer-related grooming.
  7. Do a steam facial.
  8. Massage your scalp. It’s supposed to promote hair growth but if nothing else, it’s relaxing.
  9. Set out your clothes for the next day.
  10. Fold and/or iron laundry.
  11. Knit something for yourself or as a gift.
  12. Browse the internet for events and concerts happening on the weekend.
  13. Organize the photos on your phone and delete the ones that are not keepers.
  14. Delete and organize emails.
  15. Clean out and organize your purse.
  16. Do online banking/dating.
  17. Put away dishes during commercial breaks.
  18. Clean and polish shoes and boots.
  19. Organize your magazine pile or bookshelf.
  20. Water plants.
  21. Look over your calendar for the coming days.
  22. Tidy up that coffee table you’re using as an ottoman.

Some days, you’re not going to want to do anything but veg. However, you want to pay attention to how much time you spend “escaping.” It’s a habit/routine thing. We don’t want to constantly ignore chores and healthy habits while we “escape.” This is how people end up with the classic excuse, Life got in the way. If you think about it, you’re getting in your way.


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