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Use travels as a shortcut to healing

Use travels as a shortcut to healing

When life knocks the wind out of your sails, it’s important to cast anchor somewhere and refuel.

If going home is not your best option (maybe it’s even part of the problem), if you’re not in urgent need of a therapist, and of course, if you can swing it financially, there’s probably no quicker and better way to get on with your life than to travel.

Here’s why I recommend travel as a shortcut to healing:

Travel gives you a different perspective

Travel reminds us that the world is much bigger than just us—and there are many reminders waiting for you when you travel. First, interacting with and appreciating another culture can almost instantly put you in a different headspace. If you visit a culture that’s pretty different from yours (in a positive way, of course), it can open you up to new attitudes and give you a different perspective from which to view your current situation.

When you travel you live more in-the-moment

Because the language, the sounds, the food, the people, transportation, the currency, customs, and almost everything is different, you pay more attention to everyday tasks when you travel.

Travel may give you a Divine experience

Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “I believe in God, only I call it Nature.” Whatever your belief system, travel can leave you with a profound sense of “awe.” Imagine yourself in the glacial lakes of Banff National Park, Canada, roaming St. Mark’s Square in Venice, or sipping a cool drink as you look over the turquoise blue beaches of Turks & Caicos. Nature is pretty awesome and travel can drop you in the middle of some really dope views.

You can be yourself when you travel

Because no one knows you, you may feel that you can be yourself without the judgment (or concerns) of friends and family. Around strangers, you get to “let go” sooner and get out of your head.

Travel can be a form of closure

After a break-up, it’s nice to have closure but you know what, sometimes we don’t get it.  Travel “removes” you from a situation and allow you to put your crazy life on “Pause.” When you get back to your story…some of the edge would have gone and you feel OK enough to close the chapter.

Travel provides a change of place and pace

Sometimes, running away from your problems is a good thing! We’re affected by our surroundings and travel gives you a new more relaxed one. The operative word here is “New.” You will also benefit from a slower pace so you can hear  yourself think and access your “inner wise woman.”

Travel Yoga IS Healing Yoga

You may already know how beneficial yoga is for your everyday well-being, but a yoga retreat can be more like intensive self-care.  In a location like Costa Rica (one of the most popular yoga retreat destinations), with meals, itinerary and many of your decisions made for you, you can focus on healing.

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Travel makes you feel like you’re moving forward

When going through a rough time, what any of us most need is a little hope.  Because travel gives us the sense that you’re moving forward, you’ll feel more optimistic about your situation by the time you get back home.

There’s a saying that I love: When you travel, you always return home a different person.

Sounds like a plan!!

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