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Watch what happens when these women get their ideal body parts for the day

Watch what happens when these women get their ideal body parts for the day

Bigger boobs, different color eyes… We, women, want what we don’t have.

According to a survey from a couple of years ago, a whopping 92 percent of women were unhappy with their bodies. That sounds like a lot and I personally think some exaggeration is involved. But I also believe whatever they are, the numbers are too high.

Although the media, by pushing unattainable images of beauty, bear some blame for women’s poor body image, we can’t give them all of the credit. As consumers, we are ultimately responsible for, well, what we consume.

We choose the magazines we read, the TV shows we watch, the attitudes and opinions we allow friends to share without calling them out, and the beliefs we hold and do not challenge. We follow people like the Kardashians who as a family, have spent millions on plastic surgery. They seem to live by the doctrine of Perfection At All Costs. And if the gossip is to be believed, they pay to have the perfect airbrushed images of themselves published so that what their fans consume is a carefully filtered, strategically posed version of their lives.

But I also see young girls rejecting the fabrication. These Buzzfeed women are among them. After trying out their ideal body part for a day, more than one opted to keep their natural boobs, eye color, and other natural attributes. It gives you hope that after satisfying our curiosity, most of us would really like who we are.

It’s natural to be curious

Wanting what we don’t have isn’t all bad. It’s only a problem when wanting what you don’t have naturally, undermines your confidence. Sometimes it’s healthy curiosity and I say, Why not try something you wonder how you might look + feel having? Being curious is natural and can be lovely. That said, I’m thrilled that we’re becoming more aware that how we think about ourselves affects our confidence and motivation. I’m thrilled that we’re widening our definition of beauty to include more realistic and inclusive examples. And I’m so happy that we’re accepting fuller curved women as gorgeous too.

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To be curious is not a bad thing and I wish every woman had opportunities like these women did to try-on the body part they idealize. Like these women, I believe most of our readers would choose to stick with what they’ve got. With their curiosity satisfied, more of you, I like to believe, would, in the end, be happy with how you look.



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