If you’ve ever thought of turning your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary, this is the post for you.

Sleep sanctuary bedrooms are great to help you overcome insomnia, but that’s not the only reason you need one in your life.

Having one might tempt you to read more, have weekend self-care rituals, and even juice up your intimate relationship.

Having a sleep sanctuary is one of those life upgrades that might seem luxurious (and it can be), but what it really is is a way to help you live better that we all can benefit from.

Here are 12 tips to create a bedroom sleep sanctuary:

1. Choose a soothing color scheme for your bedroom

Blues, muted gray, dusty pink, lavender, and natural white will set the tone for a good night’s rest.

2. Put a 3-way lamp next to your bed

If ever there was a room that needed ambient lights, it’s your sanctuary bedroom. A 3-way lamp will help you read, set the mood, and do bedroom stuff in the right ambiance using one item.

3. Use double curtain rods

Double curtain rod window treatment lets you easily switch between natural light during the day and a darkened room at night.

4. Limit your wall decor to no more than 1 or 2 pieces

Keep the visual noise down and help your sanctuary bedroom feel more restful by leaving some walls blank. When choosing wall art for this room, choose meaningful pieces. This is where you can add a wow factor with a large statement piece as a focal point.

5. Make your bed with quality sheets

Get organic, if you can find and afford them, or cotton and other natural fibers. These feel great against your skin, won’t overheat you at night, and are usually more hygienic.

6. Invest in a good mattress

You don’t need a headboard or a fancy bed, but you should invest in the best mattress you can afford.

7. Have a great pillow formula

My rule for pillows on a bed is two pillows or four, but not more. This will leave room to add a couple of smaller accent pillows. Whatever your formula, your bed will look more stylish if it’s not covered in pillows.

8. A chandelier above you is oh, so nice!

All great rooms need a focal point, and as focal points go, a chandelier can be that unexpected pop of elegance in your sleep sanctuary bedroom. Can’t you just imagine a dreamy one hanging over you?

9. Use attractive baskets with lids

Make the things you must have in this room pretty and or functional. For sleep sanctuary style storage, put away your stuff in attractive baskets in lids.

10. Add a self-care station

For storage to keep your wellness essentials within easy reach, set up a self-care kit or station by or inside your nightstand.

11. Add plants 

They will purify the air and bring something natural into the room.

12. Remove the TV

Swap out TV for a large iPad, or if you must have a TV, find ways to conceal it when not in use.

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