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Why We Eat Too Much

Why We Eat Too Much

The guys over at The School of Life believe that the main cause of obesity isn’t what we think. We think the problem lies with our diet and can be solved with kale, apple soup, and other such products. The real cause of obesity, they argue, has nothing to do with food. Our problem is emotional under-nourishment.

It’s the real reason Why We Eat Too Much.

We will start to eat less when we feel more connected, more understood and more in touch with our feelings.

Emotional eating

When I first started coaching, I worked with emotional eaters. Within a few months, I was wondering whether I had made another bad career decision because I couldn’t help a whopping 40% of my clients. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t help these clients. Week after week, these, what I call, less motivated clients, had trouble following through on assignments. They would have different (but really the same) excuses for why they hadn’t done assignments that THEY had helped to prepare and agreed to. Assignments that would have taken as little as 10 minutes to complete.

My role as their coach, wasn’t to help them lose pounds and inches, but to get to the root of their overeating so that they could lose it for good. My assignments included self-discovery exercises (interviewing family members and keeping a food/emotion diary, for example) and the usual exercise and nutritional ones. We were working on getting to the bottom of what was driving their hunger so we could approach them differently. The clients who did this work with no excuses saw significant changes inside and out, and many have kept the weight off.

The ones who resisted seemed to struggle most with the What’s Eating Me part of the program. I hate taking people’s money and not being able to help, so I had to discontinue the work. It was years later when I researched motivation that I began to understand their struggle.

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Why do we eat to excess?  The School of Life will help you understand that it has nothing to do food, and therefore trying to change our diet isn’t the most logical place to focus our efforts.

We eat too much when what we’re really hungry for isn’t available.


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