What is it like to work with me?


If we're working on your confidence, I'm going to send you out on the street to talk to strangers. I will coach you first and find practical ways to help you out, but my style is like Nike's: Just Do It!

Make Lasting Change

If we're working on your sleep routine, I may look at 20 or more factors that could be affecting your sleep and you might have to go see a doctor or two before we're done.

No Plan/Contract

I look at your background, your unique strengths and blind-spots to customize programs for you. I don't do contracts and determine how many sessions you need based on what we need to work on (the average is 4 sessions).


In about 3 sessions, we design a new life for you.

We chat about what isn't working in your life and what you want to achieve. I then create a blueprint for change that is personalized just for you. I can spend up to 2 days at your home shadowing you to see how you live and help you start working the new habits into your life.


Become a doer!

You have no energy and it's lifestyle-related (medical issues have been ruled out)? I help procrastinators and low-energy clients develop a plan for change that includes meditation, diet, walking, and other changes tailored to your needs and cognitive concerns.

Sweeten Your Space


Leading up to my 2019 performance review, I was anxious and worked with Christine. She showed me how to think like my boss and told me to quantify what I had done the previous year instead of emotionally asking for a raise. With her coaching, I turned my initial 3% raise into a 20% salary bump.

- Angela Nelson
Pasadena, CA

I was feeling directionless after college and worried about where my life was going. In 4 sessions, Christine helped me design the life I wanted and start implementing new habits into my day. Today I'm in a great marketing position and building my photography skills on the side. I feel focused, on track, and happy.

- Megan Godding
New York, NY

Change is just a click away

Download and fill out the questionnaire and return it to me. I'll get back to you within 72 hours to let you know if I can help you.