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Worldly Women of Instagram- Fitness Inspiration

Worldly Women of Instagram- Fitness Inspiration

There are a lot of amazing women in the world, and “Thanks again, Internet!” now we can see their daily routines, diets, and even thoughts.

The women below are confident, empowering but more than anything, they’re extremely hard workers. They put energy into their bodies and it pours out of them in their spirit. They inspire people, and it shows in their follower counts.

Go to Instagram and get the follow button at the ready—you’re going to need it!

@Strongisthenewskinny94 -Australia

Becky is a beautiful Queenslander and a leader on Instagram.  She has a whopping 150k followers and after a week with her on your feed, you will understand why.  She is not just smoking hot but also incredibly down to earth. Her posts simply make you feel good! She’s proud of her ab-ma-zing figure and is not afraid to show us when she is having a bad ‘adult acne week.’ On seeing her posts I either get a good laugh in, or want to break out into squats!

She’s great to follow if:

  • You need some motivation mojo!
  • You love access to yummy meal ideas.
  • You enjoy laughing out loud.

@Yoga_Girl – Sweden

I’ve followed Rachel for a long, long time and truly feel a connection with her. As one of her 1.4 million followers, it is obvious I am not alone. We’ve followed her through some of her darkest times, we were”there” with her on her wedding day and as she travels the world teaching yoga – Rachel shares her magical life with us, a life she created for herself.

For me, she really captures the freedom of yoga; everything she writes seems like it’s been poured straight out of her soul, which is rare in the filtered life of social media. I love her morning routine posts (as above!) The time-lapses always make you want to get straight back on the mat (and buy a dog)!

She’s Great to follow if:

  • You need to chill out and keep perspective.
  • You’ve got the travel bug.
  • You’re all about living fully!

@rrayyme – America

If Remi wasn’t busy inspiring people on Instagram, she could become a professional photographer. Her images are stunning and chic, as you can see from the most beautiful cereal I have ever seen above.

Oh- and the amazing toned abs at the top of the page, yeah…that’s her! Phwoar!

I love following her as her feed is always light and refreshing. Remi inspires us through her nourishing and colourful diet…The best thing about her is she doesn’t calorie count! Instead, she shows that eating right is a lifestyle, not just a way to lose weight!

She’s great to follow if:

  • You’re hungry for health.
  • You love a clean and chic style.
  • You crave glowing skin!

@sarahscottpole – UK

A combo from my Pole Theatre routine 🙂 🎼 Song is Welcome to Jamrock- Dubstep remix A video posted by sarahscottpole (@sarahscottpole) on

Sarah can MOVE and is a champion in what she does, pole dancing. Her Instagram is amazing as it shows the life of this master instructor and athlete! My favourite thing about Sarah is that she comes across as a easy-going girl who could easily be your friend. She presents the amazing amount you can achieve with dedication and focus.

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She’s great to follow if:

  • You need to blast your core
  • You are up for trying new things
  • You love an energy burst

@laisdeleon – Brazil

Lais is a JAW DROPPER. She posts incredible workouts that show how strong this woman must be (mentally and physically!) I love her page as she shows how STUNNING healthy curves are. She shares her meal snack thoughts too and is great for sparking discussions with us followers!

Her blog is packed with workouts that will realllly push you…to the point you may try and quit, but then you look at Lais and remember it’s totally worth the burn!

She’s great to follow if:

  • You want that Brazilian booty!
  • You like to train HARD for amazing achievements
  • Passionate women inspire you like crazy


That’s my roundup of women you can connect to. I’m doing the same as I get my fit on for Summer in the UK!

Let me know your favourite goddesses around the world…

And my abs will thank you later!

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  • LOVE these ladies! @missherbacheeks is another phenomenal woman who has just won the 1st place trophy for the 2015 GNC California State Competition. Thank You Jacqueline, sharing these inspirations motivate me every day!

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